Mexican Silver Coins

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SC Mexico Colonial 1739 Philip V Coin 8 Reales 300x157 Mexican Silver Coins

Mexico Colonial 1739 Philip V 8 Reales

Mexican Silver Coins have a very rich long history.  The Mexican Mint, Case de Monede de Mexico was established in 1535, by Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza with the authority and behalf of the King of Spain for New Spain in New Spain’s capital Mexico City.  Case de Monde is the oldest min in the Americas.  Mexico is a country with rich gold and silver natural resources and has been striking coins for domestic and international use.

Mexico has been producing about 15% of the world’s annual silver production.  Mexico’s Zacatecas region has been mined for silver since 1546 and currently the World’s second largest mine, the Fresnillo mine, is there.

2915014071154040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
One Circulated Mexican Silver Peso Coin 1963
Time Remaining: 3h 32m
2520080316794040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
Time Remaining: 3h 55m
2619453382704040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
Time Remaining: 4h 18m
4009452348794040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
Q7 - MEXICO. 1837 Zs OM, 8 Reales, NGC AU Details
Time Remaining: 4h 45m
1617457133924040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
Coins 1934 Mexico Peso Silver, 0.72 Fineness
$6.99 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 4h 58m
1216922846674040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
Time Remaining: 5h 43m
1216922847054040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
Time Remaining: 5h 43m
2013779840474040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
1886 Mexico 25 Cent Silver Coin
$4.58 (6 Bids)
Time Remaining: 6h 19m
3713657337434040 1 Mexican Silver Coins
1986 Mexico $100 Peso Silver Proof Copa Mundial De Futbol in Collectors Box
Time Remaining: 6h 35m

SC Mexican Bulion 1toz1 300x150 Mexican Silver Coins

2005 Mexican Libertad Bullion 1 troy ounce

Even though Mexico doesn’t strike silver coins for circulation anymore, they have been minting 99.9% fine silver bullion since 1983.  The Mexican Silver Libertad Bullion Coin is available in a wide range of sizes, with weights of: 1 kilogram, and several troy ounces varieties; 5, 2, 1, ½, ¼, 1/10, and 1/20.  The ‘winged Liberty’ design is an adoption of the 1947 Mexico’s 50 Pesos which is a 37.5% silver coin.

SC Mexican 1947 50 Pesos obverse 297x300 Mexican Silver Coins

1947 Mexican 50 Pesos obverse

Over the five centuries of Case de Monede de Mexico collectors can look at various categories.  Here are some suggested by the Mexican Mint and an abbreviated survey for Mexican Silver Coins: Colonial, Independent, under an Emperor, Republic under foreigners, Pre-Revolution, 1905, and Current.

Colonial Mexico had: the Carlos y Juana(1789-1808) is an eight reales 89.5% silver coin weighing 26.90 grams and 38.6 millimeters in diameter, the Columnaria Felipe V (1732-1771) which is a 2 reales 91.6% silver coin weighing 6.67 grams and 28 millimeters in diameter.

SC Mexican 1863  Reales 300x149 Mexican Silver Coins

1863 Mexican 4 Reales

Independent Mexico had: the Provision Insurrection (1811) is eight reales 89.5% silver coin weighing 19.04 grams and 38.8 millimeter in diameter, with Ferando VII (1816) is eight reales 89.5% silver coin weighing 22.66 grams and 40.80 millimeter in diameter, and a 4 reales 89.5% silver coin weighing 11.99 grams and 35.50 millimeter in diameter.

SC Mexican 1945 Un Peso obverse 300x300 Mexican Silver Coins

1945 Mexican Un Peso obverse

Imperially ruled Mexico had: depicting Agustin de Iturbide (1823) eight reales 90.2% silver coin weighing 27.01 grams and 39.70 millimeter in diameter, and then the Mexican sign of the Eagle and snake appears on a cactus on the obverse (1865) for the five centavos 90.2% silver 1.42 gram 15.00 millimeter diameter coin.

SC Mexican 1945 Un Peso reverse 288x300 Mexican Silver Coins

1945 Mexican Un Peso reverse

Republic under foreign control Mexico had one centavo (1876) pure silver coin weighing 8.18 grams being 26.00 millimeters in diameter, and an eight reales 90.2% silver weighing 26.97 grams and 38.50 millimeters in diameter.

SC 100 Peso Mexican Silver Coins

1979 Mexican 100 Peso

Since this article isn’t intended to describe all of the Mexican Silver Coins excuse this jump to the one peso silver coins to give an idea of the changes of silver content Mexican Silver Coins have under gone through out the twentieth century.

One Peso: 1910-1914 “Caballito” are 90.27% silver, 27.07 grams, and 39 mm in diameter.  1918-1919 “Liberty Cap” 80.0% silver, 18.13 grams, and 34 mm in diameter.  1920-1945 “Liberty Cap” 72.0% Silver, 16.66 grams, and 34mm in diameter.  1947-1949 Morelos Facing Right 50.0% silver, 14 grams, and 32 mm in diameter.  1950 “Morelos Facing Left” 30.0% silver, 13.3 grams, and 32 mm in diameter.  1957 “Constitution” 10.0% silver, 16 grams, and 34.5 mm in diameter.  1957-1967 Morelos Facing Right 10.0% Silver, 16 grams and 34.5 mm in diameter.

Here is a point of interest to illustrate the use of silver by the Mexican Mint.  The 25 Peso coin in 1972 and the 100 Peso coin from 1977-1979 are both 72.0% silver.  However looking at the concurrent one peso coin they stopped using silver in any amount; 1970-1983 “Morelos Facing Left” is a nickel and copper alloy, 27.5 mm in diameter.

513PX7SWJVL. SL75  Mexican Silver Coins
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