Australian Silver Florin

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SC AUS 1927 Australian florin reverse Australian Silver Florin

1927 Australian "Parlament" Silver Florin - reverse

The Australian Silver Florin was first minted in 1910 concurrent with Great Britain's florin.  Its weight and size is also the same. These florins are 28.5 millimeters in diameter, are 11.31 grams of sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper) and contain 0.3363 troy ounces of silver.  Since Australia did not have the minting capacity initially to strike the florins they were first struck at the British Royal Mint in London and the private Heaton mint.  All of Australia's florins were shipped in from England until 1916 when Australia’s mints were fitted to strike these silver florins.

2217729757584040 1 Australian Silver Florin
1962 Silver Florin Coin Australia L-865
Time Remaining: 2h 28m
1516849300564040 1 Australian Silver Florin
Australia - Lot of 6 Sliver Florins, 1 Silver Three Pence, 3 Pennies - 1919-1946
Time Remaining: 2h 56m
3911475452274040 1 Australian Silver Florin
elf Australia 1 Florin 2 Shillings 1927 George V Silver Parliament House
Time Remaining: 3h
1817506297044040 1 Australian Silver Florin
1927 Australia Canberra George V Florin - PCGS MS64 (BU UNC) - Rare in MS64
Time Remaining: 4h 25m
1416681162764040 1 Australian Silver Florin
1943 S Australia Florin .3363 ASW KM40 High Grade Circulated.
$7.99 (2 Bids)
Time Remaining: 4h 45m
1416681180284040 1 Australian Silver Florin
1944 S Australia Florin .3363 ASW KM 40. Uncirculated.
Time Remaining: 4h 50m
3713279956894040 1 Australian Silver Florin
AUSTRALIA Florin 1954 Silver KM#55 NGC MS65 Gem
Time Remaining: 5h
1817486184604040 1 Australian Silver Florin
1944-S Australia Silver 1 Florin - Uncirculated
Time Remaining: 5h 25m
1617123970804040 1 Australian Silver Florin
1927 SILVER AUSTRALIAN FLORIN. Parliament House Variety.
$10.56 (7 Bids)
Time Remaining: 7h 16m
SC AUS 1934 35 Australian florin reverse Australian Silver Florin

1934-35 Australian "Centennial Victoria/Melbourne" Silver Florin - reverse

There was a building desire to have a decimal coin for the British pound which is equal to 240 pence.  The florin is equal to 24 pence which makes it equivalent to two shillings.  For Australian's the florin was the most widely used coin, except for the "Crown" of 1937-38.  In every other regard these coins are very traditional.  They all have the monarch's bust or head on the obverse with the title and name along the rim encircling the coin.  The denomination and date are on the reverse which usually has Australia's coat of arms prominently in the center with the English Royal Crown over it.  The mint marks are usually found over the date and edge will be reeded.

SC AUS 1927 Australian florin obverse Australian Silver Florin

1927 Australian "Parliament" Silver Florin - obverse

King Edward VII was the first to appear on the florin in 1910.  The following year king George V had ascended to the throne and his bust was used from 1911 until 1936.  During his reign two commemorative florins were released.  The first was in 1927 for the opening of the then new Parliament House.  The second was Australia’s celebration for the centennial of the founding of Victoria (1834) and Melbourne (1835).  The reverse of the 1934 and 1935 silver florins depict a young man riding a horse and carrying a torch.  The legend reads “CENTENARY VICTORIA MELBOURNE”.

In 1938 King George VI’s head is used until 1952 however there were two changes and the 1951 commemorative for the fifty year jubilee for the founding of the Australian Federation.  The “Jubilee Florin” has a crossed mace and sword on the center of its reverse.  In 1946 the silver content of all of Australia’s silver coins was dropped to 50%.  The remaindered is 40% copper, 5% zinc, and 5% nickel.  This brings the silver content of the florins down to 0.1818 troy ounces.  The other change has to do with the legend on the obverse.  For the 1951 and 1952 coins the “IND:IMP.” was removed to recognize India's newly earned freedom from the United Kingdom.

SC AUS 1954 royal visit Florin obverse 300x300 Australian Silver Florin

1954 Australia "Royal Visit" Silver Florin - obverse

SC AUS 1954 royal visit Florin reverse 300x300 Australian Silver Florin

1954 Australia "Royal Visit" Silver Florin - reverse

Queen Elizabeth II appears on the florins minted in 1953 until 1963 when the florins were dropped from the Australia’s coinage.  The florins were not the only coins dropped in 1963.  The United Kingdom was replacing all of its old ‘sterling’ coinage including the shillings and pence to adopt a decimal currency.  Each one of the UK’s federations had different years selected to begin the conversion in order for the Royal Mint branches to keep up with the conversion.

51MeGL75lWL. SL75  Australian Silver Florin
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