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SilverCoins.Ag grew out of my frustrations. As an avid talk radio listener, eventually I took the plunge into buying precious metals. In general, I found that many companies I bought from would overcharge, upsell, bait and switch, or call me repeatedly after I made a simple pricing inquiry. Also, there were always the weird “extra charges” that would invariably get tacked on, and then the sometimes 6 week wait for them to ship the coins.

After seemingly endless web searching and phone calls, I started looking to Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist for a better buying experience. But now I was seemingly endlessly searching on Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist.EBay Logo Amazon-logo

So, I started looking for ways to quicken the process of ascertaining the best deals on Ebay and Amazon (Craigslist rarely panned out). Thus,SilverCoins.Ag was born. It's designed to solve the many pitfalls I experienced as a small-time, but consistent, silver buyer.

  1. I wanted to know the history of the coins. So, I hired Stephen Halkovic to mine his extensive knowledge on the subject, and then to go find out more!

  2. My arm was getting sore refreshing my browser for the latest spot silver prices, so SilverCoins.Ag's would update automatically.

  3. I wanted to know the real melt values of US Silver Coins. I knew this was often the easiest way to get silver at the “spot” price. So SilverCoins.Ag's would update all the US Silver Coins' melt prices automatically.

  4. I wanted to find the best deals quickly so I could scoop them up. So SilverCoins.Ag ploughs through Ebay and Amazon every minute to find the best deals based on the MINUTE to MINUTE melt prices.

    The internet radio broadcasters we sponsor. If you have a problem with what they say, contact them, not us.
    Jack Blood Show
    Oracle Broadcasting Network American Freedom Radio
  5. As a internet talk radio junky, I wanted to support the shows and stations I believed in. Do I agree with everything they say? Frankly no. However, as a believer in freedom of speech and inquiry I wanted to contribute to real discussion and debate so I could learn from perspectives different than mine. This helps me form my own solutions based on a vast array of knowledge, controversy and data. Currently we sponsor The Jack Blood Show, The Oracle Broadcasting Network, and American Freedom Radio.

We are just getting started and we still have more features coming to this website. If you have any suggestions on how we can better your search for good silver prices let us know. Or, let us know about anything else you want by using our contact form.

-Joel from SilverCoins.Ag

We refer to these sites for some of our information. We have no relation to them whatsoever
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com] Numismedia PCGS
CME-Group ANACS A-Mark

P.S. You might be wondering if we are from Antigua from our web address. Actually no. We chose the ".ag" domain extension because that is the designation for silver on the periodic table of elements. Actually our address is in Tillamook, OR (yes, where the cheese comes from) .

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  1. Richard Harvey

    I have a bag of $1000 face value 715 oz junk silver dime to sell. What will you give me for them and where are you located?

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